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    +2348176778076 Good day to you all This is Nigerian Practitioner Medical Herbalist{TNPMH} We specialize on:{Diseases,Spiritual Attacks and Financial Breakthrough}{Lotto number dreams}(seeking for baby )( call ur girl back )(release from prison ) ( love)( memory recall )( STD )( eye pain )(Epilepsy ) ( failures in everythings)( increase ur death Age )(wealth) ( winning contract job)(court winning Case)( stroke ) If you need our help for one of those things :just contact chief OGUNLAAYE in ijebu oru land and your problem shall be solved mobile..( 08176778076 (1)Arobi ( back to sender ) (2)Atude ( release from bondage ) (3) Agadango (Padlock ) (4) Aseta ( kill enemy ) (5)owo moto ( escape from car accident) (6)Atude Ewon ( release from prison ) (7)Awure Ola ( Good wealth) (8)Ero Asasi (9)Iferan ( love ) (10)isoye ( memory recall ) (11)Atosi ( STD ) (12)Awarida ( menstrual un-stop ) (13)Turari Eyonu (14)Isora ( body secure ) (15)Asiri Bibo (16)Oju didun ( eye pain )( 08176778076 (17)Afunje loju orun (18)warapa ( Epilepsy ) (19)Amubo oko (20)Amubo iyawo (21)Amubo ise (22)ogun abiku (23)Afose to daju (24)ise gbigba ( winning contract job ) (25)Idani lare Ejo (court winning Case) (26)Etutu awom Awon Agba (27)oye jije (wining of post) (28)Ropa rose ( stroke ) (29)Afose to daju (30)agbega lenu ise (post in work) (31)Airi omo bi.............. Just come to {BABA IFA OF IJEBU LAND} in ijebu oru and your problem shall be solved. mobile...08176778076


    October 6, 2022

    Chief Ifa Murede 0n +2348176778076Are You In Need ...

    ₦20,000.00 (Negotiable)

    No 5 oko oba street aledo ojow...