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    Green coffee is made from real green coffee beans or green coffee bean powder that is not baked but only cleaned so that it retains its natural green color. Green coffee has less caffeine than black coffee but has higher chlorogenic acid than black coffee. Green coffee also has a different taste from black coffee and tends to have a neutral taste without taste unless added other ingredients such as ginger or cinnamon. Green coffee beans should not be roasted so as not to lose chlorogenic acid which plays a role in weight loss.

    There are some of the best times to drink green coffee to lose weight, the morning before or after exercise, in the morning at breakfast, before lunch, and at night with a healthy snack.

    Green coffee can inhibit the release of glucose into the blood so it is recommended to consume it before eating. Drinking green coffee after a meal also has a bad impact on the stomach because it can provoke food poisoning that is still present in the intestine. Drinking green coffee immediately after eating will also affect the absorption of important minerals such as folic acid and iron.

    Drinking green coffee to lose weight should be a maximum of 3 cups every day, because the recommended dosage for chlorogenic acid is 200 – 400 mg / day. Besides consuming it in the form of drinks, green coffee can also be consumed in the form of supplements, which contain pure green coffee bean extract.

    Green Coffee Benefits for Weight Loss

    Green coffee can not only lose weight but also has other benefits. Green coffee has high antioxidant content, caffeine, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid which has various health benefits such as increasing metabolism, improving blood circulation, helping detoxify the liver, helping to reduce bad cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, slowing down the aging rate, increasing the effectiveness of drugs pain, increase skin elasticity, protect the body from free radicals, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase brain activity.

    Research on Gastroenterology Research and Practice in 2011 green coffee extract can clinically reduce weight. Green coffee contains caffeic acid which can increase metabolism in the body because it is responsible for stimulating body cells and increasing energy. Caffeic acid can also eliminate fatty acids, while chlorogenic acid helps increase fatty liver metabolism, and prevents fat absorption.

    According to research, chlorogenic acid can increase insulin sensitivity by lowering the regulation of genes that make weight gain. In the Indian Journal of Innovative Research and Development (IJIRD), chlorogenic acid in green coffee also helps reduce weight by reducing the absorption of sugar. Green coffee can also be used as a drink when dieting because it makes us feel full for a long time, thus limiting the amount of food that enters the body. You also need to eat healthy, and exercise regularly if you want to lose weight.



    *Reduce fat absorption from diet

    * it improves the function of fat burning hormones

    * Support weight Loss up to 7kg in 2weeks.

    * Reduce fat stored in the liver

    * It is loaded with antioxidants

    * Boost metabolism

    * Improve mood and alertness

    * Helps to reduce sugar cravings

    * Makes you feel energetic

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