Nulec Smart Bidet ( Electronic Toilet Seat)




    Date : February 8, 2020
    Condition : New
    Location : Fika, Nigeria

    Product details

    We are proud to introduce our top-quality Smart Bidets. This innovative, useful and reliable product being first of its kind washes you clean after using the toilet. You do not have to use your hands again to do the cleaning once you finish the job in the toilet, just press a button and our Smart Bidet will automatically wash / clean you up. It has an UV light (LED), installed just under the toilet seat near the nozzle, which has an antibacterial effect and therefore keeps that environment sterilised. It also has deodorizer which insures that unpleasant odours are removed in your toilet. It reliefs constipation.

    Main Features / Functions:

    REAR WASHThis button starts the water spray for the usual cleaning of the anal zone. The water is mixed with mixed with a little air which creates a soft feel. At this time, it is advisable to set all parameters for your comfort (nozzle position, water temperature and water pressure). You should then press the Oscillate button so that the back and forth movement, of the nozzle, will result in a larger area being cleaned. The massage function is also useful during this rear wash.LADIES’ WASHThis button starts a gentle and lukewarm spray onto the feminine zone. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted to comfortable levels. The Oscillate and the Massage function are also useable and useful for this type of wash. This function helps females to keep healthy always, even in menstruation periods.CATHARSIS WASH (Deep Clean)This function is to assist in evacuating residual faeces from the rectum. First set the water pressure on low and then press the Catharsis button. A focused spray is directed at the anus. Adjust your seated position, and the water pressure, to ensure that the jet of water can penetrate through the anus without any water splashing, pain or discomfort. As soon as you feel that the rectum is getting full, press the stop button. The water softens the faeces thereby enabling it to be released more easily.

    How to install:

    1. Turn off the water inlet valve and empty out the toilet’s water tank (cistern)

    2. Remove the existing toilet seat and cover by undoing the mounting nuts and bolts

    3. Connect the triple valve (T-valve) to the inlet valve. Do not use excessive force when tightening the nuts.

    4. Use the potable water hose to connect the triple valve to the water tank.

    5. Insert the rubble bushings into the 2 holes of the toilet.

    6. Position the mounting bracket on the toilet just where the rubber bushings are. Pass the mounting bolts through the regulating plates and then into the rubber bushings (through the openings of the mounting bracket) – using the washers as required.

    7. Place the bidet on the bidet on the toilet and carefully position it so that you can then slide it forward, into the groves of the mounting bracket, until it locks. You will hear a clicking sound when this happens. If not, please press the Unlock button on the right side, pull the bidet towards you and repeat the process.

    8. Connect the supplied filter to the T- valve and then connect one of the water hose to the filter. Open the inlet valve slightly until the water starts to flow out of the water hose and then close the inlet valve. Now connect the open end of the hose to the bidet. Your water connection has been completed!

    Special Accessories: Triple Valve, Water Inlet Hose, Water Filter & Mounting Bracket, Rubber Bushings.

    Quality Certifications: CE, ROHS, SON

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    Rear Wash / Ladies Wash / Deep Clean

    Massaging Wash / Oscillating Wash

    Adjustable Water Temperature & Pressure

    Five Nozzle Positions / Self-Cleaning Nozzle

    Night Light / UV Antibacterial LED

    Over-Heating & Over-Voltage Protection

    Automatic Body Sensor


    Own Pump: Assured Water Pressure

    Own Water Storage Tank

    Slow-closing Toilet Seat & Cover

    CPU Control / IP67 Waterproof Buttons

    Energy-Saving Functions

    Automatic Power Cut-off

    Easy to Operate

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